PLAYONTAG is a self-managed audio guide for museums and other exhibitions. Publish content, print and display the QR codes of your exhibition. This way the visitor can access the content on their smartphones. Finally, you will learn about your public by reviewing the statics of each visit.


Save Money

Avoid the design and development cost of a dedicated mobile app for your exhibition by using the platform provided by PLAYONTAG.

Focus your resources on providing the best content, images and photos. Leave the technological and graphical aspects to us.

Get data

Learn about your public and their perception of your exhibition. Identify the most attractive elements, the least visited, the visitor’s most common path among other indicators that will help in future for decision making.

Social Networking (coming soon)

With PLAYONTAG your visitors will be able to discuss and recommend your exhibition. Today, the most effective marketing is viral marketing, that is, having your visitors talk about you on their social networks.


Analyze your exhibition

Review the visitor stats to enhance the understanding of your audience and their interaction with your exhibition. Identify the most used language, most attractive objects as well as other important indicators.

Survey your visitors (Coming Soon)

Use the PLAYONTAG platform to get direct feedback from your audience. Prepare the survey and display the QR code to access the questions in a that is place visible to your visitors.

Manage content

Upload the text, images and audio for each piece of your exhibition that you want to describe.

Tag elements

Print the QR code we generate for each piece and display it where visitors can read it using their smartphones.

Promote the use

Promote the use of PLAYONTAG. After using the audioguide, the visitors will get a digital magazine of your exhibition on their devices.


At PLAYONTAG we are continuously improving this mobile application, our goal is to make your exhibition look increasingly attractive and enable the user to make the most out of their experience in your exhibition.


Read descriptive text.


Listen to the audio. Generally, it will be the same as the written text, but not always. You can decide to add additional audio or image files.


View image gallery.


Access general information about your exhibition.


Get a digital magazine with a register of the pieces that were visited. Later, it can be reviewed later as often as desired.


Comment on each piece.


Recommend their favorite pieces on their social networks.


Answer surveys.


And many more features.

About Us

We are a team of software developers linked to the world of culture who want to help cultural organizations grow technologically by leading them from the use of multimedia tools to the incorporation of new gathering techniques and the interpretation of data to help support the decision-making process.

We understand the needs of museums and different types of cultural exhibits, and we know that applying techniques like Big Data, Analytics and Usability will help strengthen and position cultural institutions.

At the same time, we want to help cultural organizations connect with their audience through quality content and social network interaction.


If you want to know us better, here's some news speak more about who we are:

Los museos chilenos apuestan por las aplicaciones móviles

Capsula en el programa Emporio Cultural Quinta Visión



USD $0
Up to 15 Tags
Social Networks (Soon)


USD $250 monthly
Up to 50 Tags
Social Networks (Soon)


USD $500 monthly
Unlimited Tags
Social Networks (Soon)


We have released the plans indefinitely!

Now there are no excuses. Create and publish your Smart Guides in your exhibition with no cost and no expiration date. Try it now.



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